Here’s a sneak preview of next week’s Journal, offered by way of contribution to a discussion over at Eric’s place. We know that Fortuna apple farmer Clif Clendenen won last month’s runoff election for Second District Supervisor. But where did he win, and how big were his gains (and his competitors’) from the June primary?

Here’s a few visualization tools. First, a results map from the whole Second District and a Fortuna inset. Clendenen is green, Johanna Rodoni is red, Estelle Fennell is blue. (The red actually shows votes for a write-in candidate; Rodoni, the only official write-in candidate, won virtually all of those votes). The shade indicates the winner’s margin of victory over the runner-up.


After the jump, maps of the gains made by each candidate since the June primary.

Below are maps of the increases made by each candidate since June. Every precinct saw an increase in turnout in this general election, and each of the three candidates improved their vote totals in almost every precinct. The shade of the maps below indicate increase in each candidate’s vote between June and November, expressed as a percentage of the total vote increase. Make sense?

For Johanna Rodoni, we are looking at the vote increase over that garnered by her late husband in June.







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